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What can the Super Bowl teach your Business?

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What can your business learn from sports and from the Superbowl?  Here at ActionCOACH we help businesses focus on systemizing people and education, delivery and distribution, testing and measuring, as well as systems and technology.

Successful sports teams have done much the same thing in looking at personnel, game plans and organizational structure. It makes sense because systems make the complex more simple.

No doubt the coaches of the Chiefs and the 49ers have done the same to get their teams to the Super Bowl this year.  

Coaches and champions in American sports from Major League Baseball to the National Football League to the National Basketball Association are committed to systems in their strategy, their approach to signing players and their methods of having those players perform in competitions. All have standards they follow and statistics they track to make sure the team is headed in the right direction. And all have had great success in doing so. So why don’t business onwers do the same??

The business lesson is to build a new vision for an old business, and you can really change outcomes.

Now a lot of people are happy that the Patriots didn’t make it this year, but we have to look at how they work because they have won 6 Superbowls so far and thats crazy!

The Patriots thrive on picking up value-priced players. Like companies that hire people to fill certain roles, the Patriots rely on multiple players with very specific skills that fit into their offensive and defensive schemes.

The Patriots also stick to an offensive and defense game plan that their coach Bill Belichick has developed and refined over the past two decades of his coaching experience.  While there are a few opportunities to freelance based on certain teams and opposing strategies, players are expected to stick to and execute the game plane according to Belichick’s high standards. There is a definite culture around which that football team is built, ActionCOACH Jim Malski says, “It allows them to select or deselect team members based on their fit with the team’s culture.

The management of sports teams realize they needed to change to get what they want, so they adopted new visions, new systems, brought in great coaches and personnel, and held them accountable.

Which leads to theses two very important questions: is your business as efficient as these sports teams?  What systems does your business have to win the game?

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