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Find Your Why and KISS your problems Goodbye

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K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Son

Even if you haven’t heard of the KISS Method we are all generally in favor of simplifying things as much as possible. We know we only have 2 hands and so much time everyday. So, what really happens when we are suddenly confronted with a complicated situation?

When it comes to making tough decisions or decisions we are not sure of, we say that it’s a hard decision, or we’ve got a tough choice to make. All too often that is followed by nothing, no action – because we don’t know how to make a decision and we give in or give up.

So, why don’t we know how to make a choice we can live with? It seems complicated only because we’re not sure what we ultimately WANT. If we always start with the end in mind, with knowing what we want next week, next month, next year, for our life and for our family, we’ll find that every decision is much easier to make.

Once you know THE WHY the why becomes the compass for EVERY decision you need to make. Every decision gets much simpler. You may even find you no longer have any of those tough decisions. Now we can K.I.S.S. those problems goodbye.

How simple is it?

This simple:

Step 1: make a decision based on your WHY

Step 2: do it

Step 3: repeat steps 1 & 2


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