Growth comes out of a healthy competitive atmosphere, not trying to choose a particular path forward.” - Edward Felten, Princeton University Professor of Computer Science & Public Affairs


Advisory Board

Every small business can benefit from a group of advisors. An “advisory board” may sound as if it is only reserved for big businesses, but this is certainly not the case.

It is estimated that 99.4% of all Fortune 1000 CEOs have a Board of Directors that they can lean on for advice and support. However, less than 1% of the leaders of Small to Medium Businesses have advisory boards they can turn to in times of need. The ActionBOARD program combines ActionCOACH's commitment to educating business owners with the benefits of having your own advisory board.


Why You Should Join an ActionBOARD

Starting and growing a business can be lonely and it can be an isolating experience. There are ways to avoid this however… by surrounding yourself with a circle of advisors for help, support and advice in growing your business.

Most successful entrepreneurs can recall someone who gave them that much-needed advice at some stage and many of them still have friends and colleagues they can call on regularly as their business grows. On the other hand, there are more who don’t have this luxury than there are that do so don’t discount this invitation until you’ve researched it thoroughly.

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