Family is the highest responsibility and privilege in my life. My rock and support system is my wife of 16 years, Traci. We have 3 beautiful girls, Katelyn is 31, Haley is 30 and Allison is 17. We are also blessed with 2 grand-kids, Brayden is 6 and Molly is 1.

I am a believer in Christ and am eternally grateful for the gifts God has given me. I also understand the great responsibility I bear for those blessings. I do not profess to being a perfect man or Christian but through grace and forgiveness, I am saved. I do believe that we are all endowed with spiritual gifts and that our greatest calling should include those. I strive everyday to do just that.


A number of years ago, I found myself in what most everyone around me would say was a very good spot in life. I had a beautiful family. I had a very successful career in leadership. I was making a very comfortable living. I was healthy and appeared to have the world by the tail. Perceptions are not always reality. I was miserable. I felt my life had no purpose. I felt I wasn't providing the world anything of value.

After lots of prayer and lengthy discussions from mentors and influencers, I made the decision to open a business. Fate, as I would later discover, had plans for what that business would be. I had months worth of conversations with the exceptional people at ActionCOACH and I knew I was home. After the world class training I received from ActionCOACH, I opened my coaching practice in the Fall of 2016. I was energized and ready to share my knowledge with business owners and build amazing businesses. Little did I know that the development of my business would mirror the journey of many of the businesses I was looking to coach.

In the first year, I suffered personal tragedy and disruption in my marriage and family life as a result of the strains of building a business. I learned first hand the importance of having that objective 2nd set of eyes to not only keep me focused in the present but to remind me of the goals I had set. I wouldn't be the coach I am and I wouldn't have the business I have if not for the valuable guidance and support I got from my coach.

There are some very troubling statistics regarding the survivability and success of business ownership. First, 90% of businesses will fail at some point in their life (50% in the first 5 years). 70% of businesses fail to sell while listed, primarily due to the business being too owner-dependent (many of these simply close down within a year). Behind each of these failures lies broken families and dreams, health crisis, financial devastation and in far too many cases, suicide.

These statistics are not only tragic....but wholly preventable. Business ownership should be a vehicle for better quality of life and open the doors to more opportunity. Never should it have the harming effect it all too often has. This is my calling. This is how I build my legacy in this life, by helping you identify and build yours. My vision is a small business success rate in excess of 90%. There is no need to do it alone.